Here’s an announcement I sent out to the Oklahoma Green Party Announcements email list tonight. I mean every word of it. I think 2004 is our year to change Oklahoma forever.

    Tired of politics as usual?Tired of seeing the tired old parties dominate the politics of this state?

    If you’re sick and tired of the way things are, then it’s time to act. 2004 can be the year that the Oklahoma Green Party takes its place in the history of this state by electing candidates to local and state offices who will work for a state where the principles of Grassroots democracy, Social and Economic Sustainability, Ecological Wisdom and Nonviolence are more than dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

    In this spirit, you are invited to join the Oklahoma GP campaign committee. This committee will work for Green party candidate recruitment, training and support, along with providing advise to the State Executive committee on general political strategy (along with anything else the Exec committee assigns to it).

    If you would like to join this committee, the only requirement for joining this committee is that you need to be a Green Party member (and if you’re not it’s easy to become one).

    If you want to serve on this committee please either email me or join via the committee’s yahoogroup at At this point we’ll be meeting on the email group but later on may have in-person meetings as well.