The — you gotta watch this if you haven’t already. Entertaining yet trueThe mistreatment of animals in corporate agriculture (along with the significant health risks to humans as illustrated by the recent problems with Mad Cow disease) cry out for why we shouldn’t be supporting corporate agriculture.

I know some folks will say the answer is vegatarianism and if that works for you great (for myself that is not a good alternative because I’ve found I am healthiest on a low-carb high-protein diet) but for the rest of us I would encourage buying your meat from local ranchers who use sustainable and humane practices. A lot of health food stores now carry ethical meat (look for labels saying the animal was “grass fed” … meaning it didn’t come from a CAFO – confined animal feeding operation), but there’s also lots of local ranchers you can buy from directly.

And if you live in Oklahoma, the best choice is to order your meat from the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. I made my first order in December (have been very pleased with the quality of products — I tried ground beef from two different ranchers, sausage, cheese and tomatoes – all produced by Oklahoma farmers/ranchers who practice ethical methods of production) and am hoping to buy all of my meat from them starting with the next order in January.

Supporting family farmers is good for our communities, it’s good for our health (no chance of mad cow disease if you’re eating grass-fed beef… and of course no antibiotics in your food either), it’s good for the animals, and best of all it tastes better!