Well this morning I made my final decisions on how to cast my ballot for the 2005 Okie Blog Awards. Here’s what I finally decided on…

Best Overall Blog – Dustbury
Best Political Blog: Okiefunk
Best Family Blog: AzoidX
Best Humor Blog: AKA Mike Horshead
Best Audio Blog: psalmcast
Best Blog Layout: AzoidX
Best Unusual Blog: Re Collection
Best Writing Blog: dustbury
Best Culture Blog: dustbury
Best Inspirational Blog: Anabaptist Monk
Best Commercial Blog: Oklahoma Wine News

While checking out the nominees though, I did stumble across a few really juicy blog posts. Here they are:

Batesline.com: How to teach French without actually teaching it

Holy Family School: News 9 hates homeschoolers (this is bad… my faith in tv journalism keeps on shrinking and shrinking) — Thanks to Dustbury for alerting me to this post)

The Parish: The aftermath (he takes the same tack that AzoidX takes with regards to Pat Robertson, that Robertson is lying and should give a real apology — if for no other reason than to make clear that his views do not represent Christianity as a whole)

Cutting to the Chase: Doctor Tom Strikes Again (the best part of this post is the wacky collection of Coburnisms