(seee this previous blog post with details about the vigil and its sponsoring organizations)

6 Oklahomans held a vigil outside the Scott Gates of Ft. Sill in Lawton, OK, to protest the imprisonment of 3 soldiers who refused to fight in Iraq for the sake of conscience: Blake LeMoine, Dale Bartell and Neil Quentin Lucas.

Participants included James Branum and Tre Runne of the Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Mark Faulk (of FaulkingTruth.com), a student from Putnam City High school (I forgot her name), Huti Reynolds & Jean McMahon (both of the Muskogee chapter of Code Pink).

We began the vigil about 200 yards from the gate (positioning ourself at a stop light where folks would have time to read our signs), but later moved north to about 50 yards from the gate (as close as we felt safe getting without crossing the property line for the military base).

The response from those passing by was mixed, but was more positive than negative. One motorist said that she was a veteran and her daugther is overseas right now in the service, but she is glad we are there for them.

Another woman stopped to talk to us. She said her husband had just been sent on a second tour to Iraq against his will, and she was very concerned for him. (we referred her to the GI Rights Hotline and to OCCO for conversation about his situation)

Many other motorists were not supportive. One woman drove by two times to flip us off. One person yelled at us “Support the President!” and most humorous of all was the young man who yelled to us “Peace is for pussies!” (which we later realized was an unintended compliment, since the female vagina is one of the human body’s strongest organs)

All in all we felt it was a good day. We only wished that we could communicate to Blake, Dale & Neil in person, to tell them that we supported in their stand.

One last thing… here’s a picture of the Muskogee Code Pink hybrid car…