Looka’s report on what is going on NO

CNN: Katrina pounds Louisiana, Gulf Coast — New Orleans pumps fail; Mississippi coast like ‘hell on earth’

Last night when I was listening to the radio about what they thought was going to happen (a level 5 direct hit on New Orleans) I just about lost it. I’ve only been there once (when I was a little kid — there’s neat story about that, that I should tell later), but I’ve always felt a connection with that part of the country (mostly through their cuisine… which I got hooked to when I lived in Austin and introduced to it by an ex-girlfriend, and by reading Looka, one of my favorite blogs because of his love of the local). I prayed and cursed (mostly angry that God let things like this happen) and then something almost akin to a miracle happened when I turned on my tv this morning… the hurricane didn’t hit N.O. directly.

I don’t know. I don’t handle things like this very good these days. The pat answers to the existence of tragedy and evil (and the simultaneous existence of a good and gracious God) seem completely unsatisfying, yet the alternative of believing there is no God seems unfathomable, and the alternative of believing that there is a God but he has no power to stop things like this seems terrifying. Of course one could believe that God did make the hurricane move to not having a direct hit of N.O., but then you see the suffering in Mississippi and Alabama and that is a very good answer either. Surely God doesn’t love the folks in N.O. more than he does the folks in Miss. & Ala.?

Anyway sorry for my spewing of my internal thoughts on this blog, but it was something I needed to say.