CNN: New Orleans mayor lashes out at feds — Nagin: ‘They are spinning and people are dying’

This is ridiculous and outrageous. Our nation is led by incompetent fools. Either they are too stupid to take care of this situation (a good start would be to round up 500 buses, get them to NOLA and load the people up… this ain’t rocket science), or they don’t care. And since I assume that we have smart people in the administration, then I think they don’t care. I don’t see any other logical explanation, than that the people standed in New Orleans are primarily poor and black, and are seen as expendable by the powers that be.

Good for Mayor Ragin for calling the feds on their lies and spin. America has had enough. Either they need to take care of this problem, or we need to impeach the whole administration for absolute incompetence in the face of a national threat. (frankly one that is way bigger than 9-11, IMHO)