If you’ve read my last few posts, you can see that I’ve been wrestling with a great deal of anger about the Katrina situation — anger with God, with the government, with society, with everyone. I’m not sure that is necessarily a good response, but it is what I’ve felt and that is why I’ve expressed it here.

This morning in church though our pastor said something that really made me think… he said that it was natural that we want to understand what happened, and that we might experience anger, but that in the end we need to make peace with the mystery of life, that there may not be any answers within grasp but that God was still there.

He also said that maybe disasters serve the good by providing a chance for people to show love and hospitality to each other, and that even if we don’t understand why it happened, we can know that our job in the midst of this horrible thing is to respond in love and concern for those who are hurt.

Maybe he is right, but I still go all over the map emotionally. I used to be so detached from everything when I was younger, able to hear of horrible things without even skipping a beat, but now, but now, it seems like all of these things just pound me. I want so badly to understand why, to see the good somewhere, but the dark seems so utterly pervasive.

Anyway, in the interests of trying to respond to my pastor’s guidance, I am going to see if we can host some of the evacuees at the church (a/k/a my home). We are listed on HurricaineHouse.org, but if any of y’all know of folks who need help that may not be able to get online, please call me at 405-476-5620. (I can drive as far as Dallas to pick folks up.)