From Looka (Sept. 5, 2005

Ray added, “Oh yeah, one more thing he told me. I was saying that we are definitely going to the first Mardi Gras when they manage to have parades, maybe notn 2006, but definitely 2007, and he said, ‘No bra, 2006. We have to do it.'”

Our traditions help keep us alive.

I think I’m going to be there next year. I know things may not be all rebuilt by then, but I got a feeling that the folks in NO won’t let the party not happen.

It is an odd, odd thing, but when you think about it culturally, there is a weird relationship that folks have in NO with death and celebration (and for that matter in other places too… i.e. Mexico’s Dia de los Muertes). I guess maybe it’s the kind of thing that you have to dance to keep from crying, and sometimes you have to celebrate the mere fact that you are alive. (a strange celebration of mortality but also life itself) —- Maybe it is a Catholic thing?