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. . . Bike One was also really good because they had a very helpful staff. I showed them my old bike and told them about its shortcomings and then asked what they could hook me up with in my price range.

What I ended up with was a Schwinn Sierra GSX (I think a 2004 model, because it isn’t on the Schwinn website). — Here’s a listing of this same model of bike on Ebay that has great pictures and specs info. (I got mine for $30 less than their starting bid price)

It has 7 rear gears and 3 in the front… well actually not in the front because it has a SRAM Dual drive transmission that has the front gears in some kind of internal thing. I don’t completely understand how it works, but the big plus right now is that you can shift between the 3 “front” gears on the fly, without even pedaling… yes, you heard that right, you can shift those gears without pedaling.