The news from Texas looks bad. Thankfully it won’t hit land until Saturday, but the sheer immensity of it is unfathomable.

I do think that the authorities in Texas will do better at handling this (it does help that they had the experience of recent weeks as a reminder to take this seriously) — excellent photo coverage of this is on

What can be said really… I don’t know. I still get angry with God about things like this, but I guess I shouldn’t. I know as the scriptures say that the “rain falls on the just and the unjust” and I guess that hurricaines hit the just and the unjust too. But then it sure makes life seem scary to know that bad stuff happens and there is no meaning behind it. Certainly God redeems these things by the love that people show in the crisis, but it seems so wrong that it takes a crisis for that to happen.

Anyway I’m going to shut up now.