One website I enjoy is the Commuting section of They have a regular sectioin there entitled “How was your commute today” in which folks tell how good (or how crappy) their commute was that day.

That got me thinking though that most non-bicycling folks probably have no idea how easy it is to take care of all (or at least most) of your transporation by bike, and that maybe this would be a good thing to blog on.

So anyway in that light, I’m going to start a new series of posts in which I just tell how the commute went that day, how much ground I covered, what the weather was like (which will be cool to look back on later), etc.

And since I got my new bike on Monday, I’ll go ahead and start then so i can keep a running tally of how many miles I put on this bike…

Monday, September 19, 2005 – (6 miles on the old bike, 6 miles on the new bike) I left my old bike at Bike One (NW 23rd & Meridian) and got my new bike. I got some supper but noticed some gear adjustment issues so rode my bike back to Bike One for some quick tweaking before riding back to OCU for class, and then after class rode home. Definitely a sweet ride and the new headlights are working well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 – (8 miles today, 14 miles total on this bike) Rode to the post office to pick up a package (NE 6th & Kelly) then to Carl’s Junior for Breakfast (NW 23rd & Broadway), and then to school. I rode to Jeff’s Country Kitchen for lunch, back to school after that, and then home in the evening, (with a stop by Byron’s Liquor to pick up something). A good day’s riding.

Wedensday, September 21, 2005 – (11 miles today, 25 miles total on this bike) Fast ride to school as I was running late, then in the afternoon I ran several errands along Penn. (30 Penn Books, then 50 Penn Place to go to Full Cirlce Books and Belle Isle Brewery), and then headed back to school and later back home that night. (the night ride was nice… the city is so peaceful at night) * I later corrected the mileage for this day after looking at the map again.