Miles rode today: 8 miles

Total miles rode on this bike to date: 45.5 miles

I didn’t ride on Friday & Saturday because I was mostly up in Edmond and N. OKC for stuff (and I didn’t feel like riding my bike that far).

Today though after church I rode to Java Dave’s to hang out (on NW 10th) and then up to the Red Cup on Classen. After that I rode to Westlake Ace Hardware (at NW 23rd & Penn), and then went to Buy for Less for groceries and headed home. It definitely was a full load (I had my backpack and my back basket full, and also hung one grocery sack from my handlebars. I rode pretty slow back because I was nervous about losing part of the load if I hit a big bump, but all went well.

The weather was quite nice. Sorta hot but not too bad. The sky sure was a pretty blue for sure.