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I listened online for about an hour this morning (mytime… I think it was around 3 a.m. there) to the James King show and was very impresseed with the quality of conversation and the civility of it (so, so different than what we have here in the states).

I also was surprised that they read an entire email that I sent the host (commenting on the Lyndie England case… I’ll post it in below) which was really cool…

Subject: Thought from the US on the Lyndie England case

Hello James,

I’m listening online today and thought you might be interested in the thoughts of someone in the US on this case.

I have mixed feelings about her. On one hand she did terribly atrocious and unconscionable things, but at the same time I think she was doing these actions under the orders of her higher-ups. (not just Charles Graner but also the military intelligence officers who are on the scene)

She certainly should have refused to obey those illegal orders (and should be punished for that), but her crime should be mitigated by the fact that her commanders should share responsibility.

Given this, I think her sentence is fair except for the case of her pregnancy. I think a house arrest situation would be better. If this sentence stands she will give birth in a military hospital and then have the child taken away from her (to be raised either by extended family or by department of human services) for those first 3 years, so unfortunately the one who will suffer worst will not be her but her child.

So anyway those are my thoughts. Mostly though I think the real villains here (those up the chain of command in the military, even the President himself) are getting off scot-free even though they likely knew or even ordered the torture of these prisoners to take place.

James M. Branum
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA