American Chronicle: Let’s Not Make Iraq a Foolish Repeat of Vietnam Where Beatniks Won the War for the Enemy

This op-ed piece by Edwin A. Sumcad is written around the absurd (and almost comical) premise that dissent is unpatriotic and could even harm the war effort itself, and that anti-war activists today are creating the same impossible-to-win scenario in Iraq by their protests, that protestors created in Vietnam back in the day.

Hmm… well anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I have serious reservations with the anti-war movement of today (mostly that it lacks a common ethic, be it religious or philosophical, that sets appropriate boundaries and keeps activists from becoming what they are protesting agaisnt… note that I’m referring to the anti-war mass movement, not the peace movement which is rooted deeply in conscience and spirituality)… but that said, one has to wonder if a war could possibly be “just” if those fighting it could so easily be shaken by domestic dissent? Maybe the problem is the war itself. If the war actually had a just cause (and one that is articulated clearly from day one and throughout the war), then the American people would likely buy it. The fact that the majority of Americans do not support the war, is because the war is insane to begin with.

So from my perspective, those who criticize this unjust war are not only exercising their constitutional right, but they are also doing what they can to help this nation that is so full of potential but is right now helpless diseased with a philosophy of imperialism, violence, greed, and most of all a lack of self-control.

One could even argue that one has a patriotic duty to criticize a war that you know is unjust.