Oklahoma is ugly and stupid thanks go to Okiedoke for highlighting this prime piece of Okie hate in the blogosphere

Iused to live there, so I know. If you’ve never been, let me just suggest that you take the long way around on your way to Texas or Arizona or Mexico or where ever you’re going.

I lived in a town called woodward, which I hate so much that I refuse to capitalize it. It goes against everything I believe in not to capitalize a proper noun, so that shows you just how much I hate it.

I’ve never seen so many people missing teeth all in one place. It could be possible that if I added up all the toothless or tooth-challenged people I’ve ever seen elsewhere, it still wouldn’t add up to more than those that live in woodward, OK. I’m not sure if it’s because of woodward being the meth-head capital of the world or because they’re all stupid. . .

I find the “Oklahoma is ugly and stupid” blogpost particularly of interest because it is a prime example of the viewpoint discussed by my friend in the opening paragraph at

Oklahomans have been taught they have no particular reason to be proud of themselves. We have been told we lack culture and sophistication, and that our pleasures are too simple and commonplace. We have been told our labor is cheap. We have been told our land is flat. We have been told our opinions hold no value. We have been told our heritage is obsolete. We have been told to regard ourselves as “Okies” – dirty, lazy, ignorant and exploitable. We have been taught to be ashamed of ourselves, and to imitate the lifestyles and values of the coastal, cultural elite. We have been fittted with stereotypes that just don’t fit. . .

The good news is that we Okies don’t have to believe the haters. We can find our voice and defiantly speak it out, and we can refuse to believe the lies of the coastal elites who not only demean us but want to destroy (or worse co-opt) our culture and values. That’s part of the reason that I call these blogging Okies haters on their bluff, because they feel safe to spew their hate on the internet. (which would never be acceptable if they were spewing hate towards black people or Asian people or even Muslim people) Why is it that hate speech is condemned by so much of the world, but tolerated and encouraged when it is directed towards “stupid okies”?