Today’s edition of has two horrid examples of advertizing on their website that I think are downright shameful and unethical. Here they are…

Ad #1 – “Start scratching Oklahoma”

This ad is reprehensible on several accounts. First, it uses the stupid “ad over content” technology that confuses the reader and blocks the display of the actual website content.

Secondly, it creates the impression (I think a valid one) that can’t be trusted to objectively report on the Lottery, since it is taking big bucks from the lottery in ads (not just for the website, but also for the promo scratch-off sticker that was on the front of the Sunday Oklahoman print edition 2 days ago)

Ad #2 – Oklahoma National Guard / Itunes ad

This ad is creepy because it is attempting to lure young people to sign up to be contacted by the paid liars who work for the military, by luring them in by giving them free Itunes. (what a bargain… you get free music if you only allow yourself to be contacted by the recruiters who can take 8 years away from your life if you believe their lies and sign on the dotted line.)

Well if it sounds like a bargain to you just click here: