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After the filings were done I was whooped. I picked up some BBQ take out and hit Byron’s (I’m no longer boycotting them since they are carrying Oklahoma wine again… as well as two kinds of Oklahoma beer and two kinds of Oklahoma vodka) and then went home to crash. I was glad the craziness of the day was over, but couldn’t help but be sad for the suffering that would be coming (and my complete inability to do much of anything to stop it)

Then on Saturday I got up early to get ready for the “For the Sake of Conscience” conference at OCU Law School. The day went amazing well and was a great experience. (pictures from the day are posted at OKCNLG.org) All told we had 18 attend, including some coming from Tulsa and Norman, as well as OKC. I was disappointed that no law students attended (besides myself and another NLG member) but I guess that is predictable. Too many of the so-called liberal law students at OCU are sheep, afraid to directly challenge the corporate-military establishment that enslaves us all.

Finally on Sunday I preached at my church. Since it was World Hunger Sunday, I spoke on the issue of economics from both the Jewish and Christian traditions (a very similiar to what I spoke about at the UCO Christianity and Social Justice conference, but there the talk was focused on the question of “Is Capitalism Christian?”), and how the hungry do need charity but more than that need fair and merciful economics that leaves no one behind.

Anyway that’s all the news worth telling. With the big conference out of the way, I’m now shifting gears to focus more on my education in this last push. I’m pushing pretty hard as we speak on finishing a directed research paper (a 2 credit, 45 page affair that is on the topic of bankruptcy exemptions, looking at the history and legislative intent of the Oklahoma exemptions as compared to those of other states). I do have one last big activist thing coming up (the NLG National conference in Portland, OR on Oct. 27-31) but other that will mostly just be doing the school thing for awhile.