I think I may be in heaven this weekend, as the more I read about Portland, Oregon, the more I am getting excited about it…

1. The biggest bookstore in the world is there – Powells City of Books

2. Portland is said to be the greatest city in the US for bicycling.

3. Portland has oodles and oodles of brewpubs (for my readers who aren’t beer nerds like myself, a brewpub is a pub that brews it’s own beer on premises — OKC area examples are Belle Isle, Coach’s, Bricktown Brewery, and Little Bavaria).

Here’s a couple of links that give a sampling of the amazing number of brewpubs in Portland…

Realbeer.com – Portland Brewpubs – (also see Portland Beer Guid)

Williamette Week: Brewpubs
The hills are alive with the sound of micro beers.
(this article is a bit dated though from 1999… I’m curious to find out if all of these brewpubs are still around)

Bridgeport Brewing Company – a Portland area brewery that is now selling 3 of it’s varieties here in OKC liquor stores (I’ve had the IPA and the ESB and would definitely recommend both as being good English-style American beers. The IPA in particular is fantastic with a wonderfully strong but still balanced spike of hops)

McMenamins – a Portland based chain of brewpubs in Oregon and Washington (I’m normally anti-chain, but these folks are doing it right, with each of the locations maintaining a local feel)