Well I made it to Portland in one piece, but it was a tiring night getting here.

A friend gave me a ride from OCU to the Will Rogers World Airport in OKC. I got there super early though so I had plenty of time to hang out at the airport (the smoking room is a trip, you always meet rather interesting folks in smoking rooms), and then flew out at 10:30-ish to Las Vegas, where I had 45 minute layover (enough time to lose $1 in the slot machines and to buy a pack of playing cards, and then caught the next leg to Portland.

After arriving in Portland, I found a place to camp out for a few hours (in the baggage area they don’t have arm chairs on the seats… but it is way too bright) and then caught the MAX (red line) into down Portland around 6:30-ish, which is where I’ll leave the story at for now.