but I don’t think I would want to live here… way too much rain.

But while I’m sitting at the Hostel checking my email, here’s my list of 10 things I dig about Portland…

1. The girls have cute accents.

2. People are really nice here (unlike how it was in San Francisco), and unlike how it is often in Oklahoma, people seem really sincere about their niceness.

3. This is bicycle heaven. In OKC I might see 3-4 adult cyclists on my commute each way (about 1 per mile), but here in Portland you see 1-2 cyclists every single block. I am loving the bicycle scene in this town.

4. The scenery here is beautiful. The urban landscape is human-scale and downright pleasant.

5. Almost all of the businesses here are local establishments. Even the chains (McMennasis’s pubs… I’m sure I botched up the spelling of that) are locally owned. In fact so far I’ve only seen one Denny’s, one Wendy’s, and one McDonald’s in my traveling. — well I should say for the most part, Starbucks does infest the landscape like a bad case of athelete’s foot.

6. They have a Wobbly union hall in town! How cool is that!

7. The beer!

8. The prices -I think the food and drink is as good or better than in SF but the prices are about the same as you would pay in Oklahoma.

9. The hostel is funky and way laid back. Coffee is only 50 cents, pancakes are a $1, and you can eat all of the bread and bagels you want for free (donated by a local bakery).

10. The fall leaves are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. (I think they are a few weeks ahead of Oklahoma, as they are starting to turn at home but there they are approaching their peak)

Well that’s all I’ll say for now. I am taking lots and lots of pictures, so look for them when I get back.