I got back into OKC at around 11:30 central time last night. It definitely was a very enjoyable trip, but it is nice to be back home too (it was nice to see that gorgeous Oklahoma blue sky this morning).

Well while I’m still in a quasi-Portland state of mind, here’s another of my top ten lists…

1. Most beautiful spot – Japanese Garden
2. Favorite spot to see some massive trees – a tie between Mt. Tabor & Washington Park
3. Best place to hangout – Hawthorne Street
4. Favorite place to ride a bike – across the Hawthorne Bridge
5. Best Chinese food – Hunan (in the downtown area)
6. Best dark beer – McMenamins Terminator Stout (with the Rogue Ales Russian Imperial Stout running a close second)
7. Best hoppy beer – a three-way tie between McMenamins IPA, Bridgeport IPA & Bridgeport Hop Harvest Ale
8. Best hamburger and fries – very good at the McMenamins pubs that serve food
9. Best way to spend a friday night – CRITICAL MASS!
10. Best place to eat cheap – Tabor Hill Resteraunt or any Chinese restaurant