Here’s several unrelated stories that I want to comment on…

Washington Post/MSNBC: Youths in U.S. rural areas drawn to military — Worries about jobs outweigh war fears — From my experience, this story is dead on true. Rural kids are now being targeted big-time by the recruiters and thus far there isn’t much of a counter-recruitment response. I’m glad that counter-recruiters have focused so much energy into reaching out to urban people of color, but I think now it is time to focus energy on poor white kids who are being asked to die for a country that doesn’t give a rat’s *** about them. (poor whites and folks of color are all in the same boat — exploited and used by our nation’s military-corporate oppressive class)

Washington Times: GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship

. . . Birthright citizenship, or what critics call “anchor babies,” means that any child born on U.S. soil is granted citizenship, with exceptions for foreign diplomats. That attracts illegal aliens, who have children in the United States; those children later can sponsor their parents for legal immigration.

Most lawmakers had avoided the issue, fearing that change would require a constitutional amendment — the 14th Amendment reads in part: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”

But several Republicans said recent studies suggest otherwise.

“There’s been recent scholarship that says we can do it by statute, and we ought to try,” said Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, who usually finds himself on the opposite side of immigration issues from Mr. Tancredo. . .

What “recent scholarship” says this? I think Congressman Jeff Flake is full of crap. Congress can’t defy the constitution by mere statutes.

Washington Times: Carter condemns abortion culture (Thanks to AJY for sending me this story. — Also see Carter: Policy by religion has nation at risk — Admitting that his presidency was flawed, he takes the White House to task in his first `political’ book

This interview has an interesting take on things, and I’m inclined to agree with Carter. Democrats (even those who are pro-choice) would be well served by at leasat acknowledging that abortion is not a good thing, and is a symptom of a failure by the community. Democrats I think could win pro-life voters by saying that they plan to reduce the number of abortions through increasing welfare benefit for pregnant mothers and by providing free birth control to anyone who wants it.