CNN: Bush urges Brazilians to back democracy — President stumps for free-trade proposal

MSNBC: Bush takes shot at Venezuelan leader on trade — President points to ‘competing visions’ for Latin America’s future

Bush is spinning this BIG TIME by equating free trade and corporate capitalism with democracy, and presenting the choices for Latin American nations as being either (1) American style corporate capitalism (aka proto-fascism), or (2) Cuban style totalitarian socialism.

There is another and better way — democratic socialism! This can be achieved by giving the workers control over their own means of production (either individually or communally, but either way do it on a localized scale) and allow the workers themselves to make their own decisions. As far as the government and the other systems of control go, they should do their best to protect the rights of local workers to govern their own affairs (and in time reach the point that the government fades away as society outgrows even the need for government itself)