Green Pages (Fall 2005)

They won’t put the issue in online-readable format until the Winter issue comes out (I guess an encouragement for folks to subscribe), but here is a blurb from the table of contents that tells of the story…

Tulsa blogged!

The Green Party credentialed its first blogger to cover this year’s annual national meeting, allowing former Green Party activist Ken Sain ( access to all of the meetings and events that took place in Tulsa.

Green values are Okie values
A report and commentary on the 2005 GP-US Annual National Meeting in Tulsa
By Rachel Jackson, Green Party of Oklahoma

For the first time ever, U.S. Greens held their national meeting in the state of Oklahoma, with some 150 delegates and others on the campus of the University of Tulsa this July. In the process, attendees learned that challenges facing Greens in Oklahoma are both similar to and unique from those facing Greens elsewhere in the U.S.

What’s in a logo?
Rachel Jackson of the Green Party of Oklahoma designed the logo for her state party, and explains its symbolism.

I’m super-excited by this because Rachel wrote really good stuff about what it means to be Green and an Okie. (and vain as I am, I was stoked to see plugged in the article about