I’m posting this far and wide. Please pass the info on to folks who might be down with this!


Oklahoma City Critical Mass, a celebration of bicycles and car-free transporation is coming back to life this month and you are invited to join us!

* Critical Mass is a free, easy-going, bike ride through Oklahoma City.

* Critical Mass is a direct action against the car-sick culture of this city.

* Critical Mass is a vision of streets for people, not cars.

* Critical Mass is a chance to build community among fellow bicyclists.

* Critical Mass is a statement against wars for oil, air pollution, and the lack of decent transportation for all people.

* Critical Mass is the most fun you will have on a bike all month.

Join those who have made the choice for cheaper, faster & cleaner transportation. Meet us at the Backdoor Cafe (NW 32nd and Classen, a/k/a – the “jeep on a stick” coffeehouse) starting at 4 p.m. We’ll take off on the ride at 4:15 and be back whenever we feel like it.

For more info contact J.M. Branum at 476-5620 or jmb(at)jmbzine(dot)com

FOR FUTURE MONTHS – We’ll be riding every third friday of the month at 4 p.m. Whether 2 people show up or 200, we’ll be riding rain or shine!