CORRECTION (posted Nov. 10, 2005): I have been told that the sermon discussed below was not a recent sermon but rather one that was preached 3 years ago. I am sorry for the inaccuracy on this point.

LifeChurchVsIraq.com – a website that discusses a recent pro-war sermon by Pastor. Here’s one excerpt from the sermon (I corrected the quote some based on the audio recording)…

“…if (Bush) as God’s ordained leader of our country says it’s time for war, then at that moment, at that moment, even though I am not for war my opinion no longer matters. As a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [caps represent boastful shouting]…one nation established under God at that point my role becomes to submit to the leader of The United States, I will speak well of him, speak well of our troops and will do nothing but support that which God has ordained [uproarious applause from the crowd ensues].”

In response to this, I’ve written Craig a letter. Here’s what I said…

Dear Craig,

I heard an excerpt online (at www.lifechurchvsiraq.com) from a recent sermon in which you stridently endorsed the American war against Iraq and in which you said that your role is to submit to the leader of the United States because God has ordained him in this role.

I have a few questions for you about this…

1. If God supposedly ordained Bush to be the leader of the United States, then who ordained Saddam Hussein to rule his country? Who ordained Hitler? Who ordained the tyrants that rule Saudi Arabia and North Korea?

2. How can a Christian pastor endorse a war without question, when this war has involved the use of torture and the killing of over 26,000 civilians to date (www.iraqbodycount.org)?

3. Does Jesus love the people of Iraq as much as he loves the people of America?

4. Is it ever appropriate for a follower of Christ to disobey the law?

I would appreciate your response to these questions. I am posting them on my blog at www.jmbzine.com and will post your response to them once I receive it.

If you share my concerns I encourage you to let Pastor Craig know. I couldn’t find his email address on the LifeChurch.tv website, but I did find the email address of his executive asssistant: sarah(at)lifechurch(dot)tv.