Well I haven’t said much about my life lately, so here’s a quick recap.

My last semester of L-school is rapidly coming to an end. I’m making it to my classes (and sometimes skimming the cases in those classes that I might get called on) but otherwise am just warming the seat. I am though rushing to finish my paper (still about half way to go… I had hoped to have it done by Thanksgiving, but now it is looking more like early December — certainly I gotta have it done by graduation on Dec. 17th).

Besides school my main interest of late is bicycling. With the exception of usually one trip a week by car (normally to either see family or friends who are on the outskirts of the metro), I doing all of my transportation by bicycle and am loving every minute of it. I had been fearful that the cold would deter me, but yesterday and today (down in the 30’s some) has convinced me that I can ride in the cold as long as it is dry. (btw if you’re interested a link to my bicycling blog). — Oh and one bit of big news is that I’ve been trying to start up a Critical Mass in Oklahoma City (our first ride is this Friday so join us!)

Activist stuff is still present but kinda taking a backseat right now. I did bang out a short version of the state Green newsletter (there is a link to the newsletter in PDF format on this page and was at the Peace Festival, but otherwise am trying to avoid going to too many meetings these days. The military counseling work is also continuing (normally 1-2 calls per week).

Post L-school plans are kinda nebulous. I am thinking more and more about trying to find a way to combine lawyering, peace activism and ministry in some kind of wholistic and sane way, and hopefully to live as simply as possible. A few ideas are percolating but nothing has risen to the top yet as being the best answer.

As far as the blog goes, we’ll see. Most likely I’ll cut back some on how much I’m writing until I get done with the bar in february but don’t plan to quit all together.