NewsOK: Ten Commandments display defended

The lawsuit filed last month on behalf of Jim Green of Stigler, a retired veteran who regularly does business at the courthouse, is the first in Oklahoma since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that displays of the Ten Commandments on government property are not inherently unconstitutional.

“I think it’s all nonsense, but we can’t back up now, and we don’t want to,” said Haskell County Commission Chairman Sam Cole, who is being sued individually as well for being part of the panel.

“I think (a Ten Commandments display) ought to be on every courthouse lawn. That’s what pretty much everyone here wants except one man. We’re for it, and we’ll fight. I was raised to fight for what I believe in, and I believe in this.”

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Tina Izadi said the group stands behind the lawsuit.

“We’re going to allow this to play out in the judicial system,” she said.

I’m normally a big fan and supporter of the Oklahoma ACLU, but I disagree with them on this one. Certainly the 10 Commandments display in Stigler, OK is over the top and kinda ridiculous (why not put it on private property in town?) , but is it worth the fight? I honestly can’t say that it is. —- Now if the County had forbid another religious/philosophical tradition of erecting its own monument, I would feel differently.

Of all of the issues facing rural Eastern Oklahoma right now, this seems pretty insignificant. I wish that the ACLU would instead target the economic opppression of the people in that part of the state. Cases like this will just alienate the people who are truly oppressed, from the very folks who should be working on their behalf. (but maybe this is my own bias, I’m part of the National Lawyers Guild, because unlike the ACLU, the NLG is really to attack capitalism itself.) I do 100% support the ACLU’s concern over the seperation of church and state (and I think they will undoubtably win in court), but I’m just not sure that this is the way place to draw a line in the sand.

Also here’s Is it just me’s take on this case.