A response to LifeChurchVsIraq.com (by LCAdvocate

Knowing what we know today, if one is convinced that the war in Iraq was a colossal mistake (which remains a debatable issue), one can hardly blame Craig Groeschel or LifeChurch.tv! The issue remains a divisive one, but if Groeschel is to be condemned for rallying behind the President and troops 3 years ago at the outset of the war, then certainly one ought to all the more condemn Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Tom Daschle, and almost everyone else on both the left and the right for doing precisely the same thing at that time! Indeed, considering that most liberals and conservatives supported the war effort to at least some degree at that time, Groeschel should hardly be picked out of the crowd or even pigeonholed into any particular political ideology for that matter!

Well LCAdvocate, I don’t blame Life Church for the war in Iraq (other than for being one of the many voices that supported the administration’s cry for war), but I do criticize Life Church and its pastor for teaching very bad theology. God does not love America more than any other nation, and God certainly doesn’t endorse America’s wars. I know many well-meaning Christians believe otherwise, but I believe that the Church (in the universal sense) should be a prophetic and critical voice of the state, and not its lapdog. Nations throughout history have exploited churches who buy into the same bad theology that Life Church bought into (be it the Church’s genocide during The Crusades, the majority of German churches that supported Hitler and indirectly the holocaust, and the majority of American churches that still support neo-imperialism today).

The real issue for me isn’t that Life Church may have wrongly endorsed one bad war, but rather that Life Church would endorse any war, or for that matter would give the blanket teaching that a follower of Christ shouldn’t question the authority of state power.

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