Here’s some incredible news about the initiative by the Industrial Workers of the World to see a workers-led democratic union that fights for the rights of workers at Starbucks.

I am hoping to see a local effort here in OKC to support this campaign and maybe even to work on unionizing some of the stores here. (please contact me if you would like to help on this) – a website by the Starbucks Union (part of IU 660 of the IWW)

IWW: Workers at third U.S. Starbucks go union

New York Newsday: IWW seeks to organize Starbucks workers (archived at

New York Times: Union Steps Up Drive to Organize Starbucks (archived at Starbucks Charged with Terminating Two Employees for Union Activity New Zealand Starbucks Workers on Strike! (the first Starbucks strike in the world)