CPT.org: Update on Missing Persons in Iraq

Such sad news. I hope and pray that these men are released alive. Violence never makes sense, but this kind of violence is so, so wrong-headed. The Christian Peacemaker Team members are there for the Iraqi people, serving as witnesses of the American war against Iraq. The folks who kidnapped the CPT’ers are hurting the very people who were there to support the Iraqi people.

I hope and pray too though that the US/UK forces respect the non-violent mission of CPT. Those kidnapped would not want to see violence used to secure their release.

Here’s some of the coverage of their capture (I’m still looking for the Al Jazeera story referenced in several of these stories, but I don’t see it yet on the English langage version of Al Jazeera) . . .

NY Times: Iraq Is Struck by New Wave of Abductions

Globe and Mail: Identities of Canadian Hostages Released

USAToday.com: Broadcast shows hostage peace activists in Iraq

CBSNews.com: Ramadi still troublesome for U.S.

The British anti-war movement said Thursday it is sending one of its leading members to Iraq to try to secure the release of four kidnapped peace activists, including Briton Norman Kember.

. . . Meanwhile, a group of influential Sunni clerics Wednesday called for the release of five Westerners taken hostage last week, saying they should be granted their freedom as a humanitarian gesture.

The Association of Muslim Scholars, believed to have contacts with some Sunni insurgent groups, has helped mediate the release of other Western captives in Iraq.

The five include four aid workers from the group Christian Peacemaker Teams — Tom Fox, 54, of Clearbrook, Va.; Norman Kember, 74, of London; and James Loney, 41, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32, both of Canada — and Osthoff, 43.

Washington Post: Virginia Man Among Iraq Hostages — Unknown Group Holds 4 Western Peace Activists, Calls Them Spies (very, very good story)