CNN: Supreme Court rejects Williams’ plea — Schwarzenegger denies clemency for former gang leader — There’s no reason for this execution, just as there is no reason for any other execution, yet unless there is an intervention Tookie will be strapped to a gurney and have poison pumped into his veins.

If anyone but the state did this we would say that the murderer who would do such a thing is one of the most vile of cold-blooded killers, yet the tax dollars of the folks of many states (as well as the taxes to the evil United State government — and yes, I said evil because any government that takes money against my will to kill in my name is evil) pay for this to happen, which makes us all accomplices to murder.

The only positive I can see right now is that the state of Oklahoma has ONLY murdered 4 people so far this year. (much better from 18 in 2000) Of course that’s not saying much. Murder is murder whether it one person or dozens.