MSNBC: Europeans outraged at Williams execution — Austrians disappointed in Schwarzenegger, suggest revoking citizenship

“Capital punishment is illegal throughout the European Union, and many Europeans consider state-sponsored executions to be barbaric. Those feelings were amplified in the case of Williams, due to the apparent remorse they believe the Crips gang co-founder showed by writing children’s books about the dangers of gangs and violence.

Leaders of Austria’s pacifist Green Party went as far as to call for Schwarzenegger to be stripped of his Austrian citizenship — a demand that was quickly rejected by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel despite his government’s opposition to the death penalty.

“Whoever, out of political calculation, allows the death of a person rehabilitated in such an exemplary manner has rejected the basic values of Austrian society,” said Peter Pilz, a Greens leader.

In Schwarzenegger’s hometown of Graz, local Greens said they would file a petition to remove his name from the southern city’s sports stadium. A Christian political group went even further, suggesting it be renamed the “Stanley Tookie Williams Stadium.”

“Mr. Williams had converted, and unlike Mr. Schwarzenegger, opposed every form of violence,” said Richard Schadauer, the chairman of the Association of Christianity and Social Democracy.”

MSNBC: Convicted killer Williams put to death in Calif. — Trouble finding vein delayed execution of Crips co-founder”

I’m sorry and I know I should have a forgiving heart but I can’t help but be bitter right now towards a nation that kills people. In the law the worst kind of murder is pre-meditated murder, in which the killer isn’t act in a moment of rage but rather acts in a cold, calculated and thoughtful way to kill. The United States of America (and many of her states) is this kind of killer, the absolute worst kind. May God have mercy on us all.