Here’s something that was on 94.7 The Buzz’s website today…

That sounds real good but then if you look just a few inches over on that same website you see a picture of the “Babe of the Day” (click here to see a screen shot that shows this) with a link to the website’s collection of photographs of women wearing next to nothing.

You can’t make **** like this up. How dare VP/Market Manager Bill Hurley post his statement about the Mo show’s broadcast of inappropriate sexual content when their website is blatantly displaying “inappropriate sexual content”?

I know at least a few of my readers will think I’m making too much out of nothing and think that I’m a prude, but I guess I like sex to much to make it cheap and meaningless, and I think that it is wrong to use sex for crass advertizing purposes.

I also find it absurdly ridiculous that this same anti-women website actually has the gall to post its Equal Employment/anti-discrimination policy on their website…

It is the policy of KHBZ-FM to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law, in all personnel actions.

I encourage folks to give Mr. Hurley a piece of your mind. His phone # is (405) 840-5271.

Thanks to Oklahoma Media Watch for sharing this news