I thought about posting several times over the last few days but never felt the time was right, and I don’t know if now is the right time either. So much is unsettled for me and fear that lately I’ve been getting myself into fights (not literal fights but I mean verbal/online confrontations) that I have no call to be in and otherwise distracting myself from what the real business of my life should be about. I may very well pull back for awhile and if I do, it is because I’m concerned with where my life might take me. (I need to start blogging about other things besides how ****ed up the world is right now… despite appearances to the contrary, there is a lot of beauty and goodness out there. I need to start seeing it again.)

Anyway though that the’s news for now I guess. Things have been pretty weird lately and this law school graduation thing has certainly been far crazier than I would have guessed possible (not the actualy graduation but rather just the feeling of life uncertainty that it has brought me). Anyway I’m hoping I get over my weird feelings and enjoy tomorrow (it will be good to see all of my family tomorrow and to finally get that blasted J.D. that I’ve been working towards for so long), but I right now I definitely feel rather anxious about it all.

One little thing I should add that the last few weeks have been made a bit lighter by my discovery of The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty album. I never was a big fan of The Dead in the past (of course I had heard little of their music to judge them from), until I saw the last episode of Freaks and Geaks (one of the best shows ever put on TV… I got to see all of the episodes recently thanks to the good folks at Netflix) in which the album plays a huge role in how the episode (and the series ends)

Anyway after seeing the episide I knew I had to get the album and I gotta say that I am so, so glad I did. It’s been a long, long time since an album has so effectively seaped into my soul, and it most definitely has brought some smiles to few recent days that otherwise were almost overpoweringly dark.