I just watched the 60 Minutes episode that discusses the US government’s use of rendition, to take terror suspects to foreign countries to be tortured.

What is astounding in the story is that they mentioned the tail number of one of the CIA’s planes — N313P. When I did a google search for that tail number, I came across this page on Airliners.net that has this picture of the plane taken by a planespotter at TULSA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!

What I want to know is WHY was this plan in Tulsa, or who was on this plane? Was there someone taken from Tulsa by the CIA to be handed over to someone to be tortured? Of course the plane likely could have been sold to someone else (particularly since the first revelations of this story happened in November 2004), but the truth we just don’t know the truth.

Here’s some more information about this plane…

Notinourname.net: Details of US ‘torture by proxy flights’ emerge (reprint of article from The Guardian)

Wikipedia: N313P