Back in September I started up a seperate blog (at for my daily reports on my bicycling, which at the time made sense.

I’ve decided though that, that was a mistake. While (a free hosted wordpress powered blog website… similiar to how works with is easy to use, I’m a bit nervous that there is no way to backup my d-base over there. Also, since this blog is hopefully metamorphizing into being about more than just radical politics, maybe there’s a place for the bicycling reports here. So anyway, starting with today I’ll be posting my commuting reports here again (and I may go ahead and cross-post the old posts from over here too). — I’m mostly posting this for myself, so please feel free to skip these posts if you find them boring.

But anyway since my last post at the old website, I haven’t really riden that much. I got off-track when the weather was bad, but also because of the craziness of law school finals and just the craziness of my personal life. Here’s rough estimate of the miles I rode between Dec. 7-and the start of this week:

On my Graziella folding bicycle — 2.5 miles total (a few blocks on the day I got the bike… I got in on Ebay and it was deliveredy by UPS, later rode it down to Java Daves a back)

On my regular bike — 6 miles for the Critical Mass ride in December and 8.2 miles on Dec. 21 (riding from Blanchard to Newcastle)… I think I rode some other days as well but I don’t recall them off hand.

So, that puts me on my milage at:

Total Miles riden during these days today: 16.7
Total Miles riden on the Graziella: 2.5
Total Miles riden on the Schwinn Hybrid: 499.7
Total Miles on the old Schwinn: 2.8
Total Miles on the Portland Rental Bike: 57
Total mileage since starting bicycle blogging: 562.0