Miles riden today: 5.5 miles (10.7 so far this week)
Total Miles riden since Sept. 19, 2005: 572.7
(Mileage totals by bike: 504.9-New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8-Old Schwinn; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle; 57-Rental bicycle in Portland)

After doing some errands, I did a little bit of purely recreational riding on the Lake Hefner Trail in NW OKC on my Graziella folding bicycle. I rode from one of the parking areas north of Briton Road, north on the trail, and then west on the road that is on top of the dam on the north side of the lake and then turned around and headed back somewhere on the NW side of the lake. The ride itself was goregous. The lake was beautiful with lots of birds and a really nice sunsets. Not very many boats on the water though due to the high winds (usually Lake Hefner has lots of sailboats), but there were a fair bit of folks fishing from the shore, as well as lots of bicyclists, roller bladers, and joggers.

The Graziella rode pretty well on the trails. Normally that little bike wears me out pretty fast (it is a single speed, a bit small for me), but the trails here are so flat and smooth I had no problems at all. I definitely did look a bit out of place though on my little bike and my street clothes as compared to the spandex-wearing folks on the sleek road bikes that frequently passed me by. Oh well, I had fun and that counts for something. (I do have some really good pictures from this day, that I’ll have to post later when time permits)