Well the next phase of my life began today — Bar Exam preparation. It definitely looks to be a hard road ahead but I think one that I can handle if I stay the course (definitely more a marathon than a sprint, at least at this stage in the game). As far as my preparation goes, I’m taking the BARBRI classes (here’s a PDF file that shows what the schedule looks like… it pretty much runs 5-7 days a week from now until February 7th, then after that you study on your own until the exam which happens on February 21-22).

Tonight’s class went well (far more interesting than I would have expected… I hated Contracts as a 1L, but I think that had more to do with the prof who was teaching it. I’m sure he’s a good guy outside of class, but in class he was rude and condescending, which at least for me is not condusive to a quality educational experience… and to boot he didn’t explain the subject area well at all (i.e. not explaining the importance of knowing whether a contract is governed by common law or UCC article 2… this ain’t rocket science so I don’t understand why the prof never bothered to explain this distinction to us). The lecture was on video (the prof on the tape is law prof from UT-Austin, but he seemed to understand well some of the pecularities of Oklahoma law that we’re going to be tested on in the essay portion of the bar exam) and we also had handout outline with blanks we fill in while watching the tape.

The only real negative was that the BARBRI classes are taught in a cramped classroom. The hotel itself (the Sheraton in downtown OKC) is nice, but the room we are in down in the basement is a dump. The lighting is lousy, there is a continual loud humming sound from the A/C, and worst of all it is way too crowded (it is nothing like these inviting pictures on the Sheraton’s website. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but for $1,695 I would think that BARBRI would be able to teach us in a comfortable setting. Oh well, life goes on. At least the hotel does have free coffee in the lobby which is a definite plus.

Well besides the bar prep courses, it looks like the rest of my days over the next weeks will consist of studying on my own in the mornings and afternoons, and then bicycling over to downtown in time for the class. One nice thing is that the new OKC downtown library is just a few blocks away from the Sheraton, so I’m going to be parking my bike there (they have really nice bike racks… some of the only ones downtown, and I’m hoping decent security that will cut the risk of theft down).

Talking about the library… I am going to get my name cleared with them tomorrow (I’ve had some books overdue from them for ages) so I can do more recreational reading without spending so much at the bookstore. I’m so fortunate that the library and the OKC Museum of Art (which I’m a member of, so I can go whenever I want for free), are so close to both my home and the BARBRI lecture site. I think the combination of these things, all within easy biking distance will do wonders for my sanity over these next few weeks.

Also on another tangent, the OKCMOA has an awesome special exhibition going on right now: Mexican Masters: Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros, Selections from the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is the only venue for Mexican Masters: Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros, Selections from the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil opening December 15, 2005 through March 26, 2006. The exhibit showcases the masters of post-revolutionary Mexico from one unique collection. With selections made from the Carrillo Gil Collection in Mexico City, the exhibition introduces to Oklahoma the dominant Mexican artists of the 1930s and 1940s and their successors with 68 works by artists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros as well as related works by Luis Nishizawa and Gunther Gerzso.
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