Miles riden today: 4.5 miles (19.4 so far this week)
Total Miles riden since Sept. 19, 2005: 581.4
(Mileage totals by bike: 516.6-New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8-Old Schwinn; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle; 57-Rental bicycle in Portland)

Today’s ride was from home to the downtown library (where I lock up my bike when I go to the Bar Pres classes that are a few blocks away) around 5 p.m. This time I just buzzed right down Broadway all the way to Park Avenue, which was loads of fun. A fair bit of traffic, but I just occupied my lane and kept on trucking without any problems. It was also a fun route as it went right through the middle of the biggest buildings in downtown OKC (probably not as cool as riding in Manhattan or a place like that, but still fun none the less).

After class I rode to the Bricktown Brewery for a snack and a pint of Stout, and then after that worked my way back north to my neighborhood. The ride was much easier than last night since the wind is no longer blowing at gale force. Hardly anyone was on the road (cars or bikes), until I got to Walnut when some teenage boys were riding their bikes (hehehe, I got a kick out of flying right past them… I might be a fat dude on a crazy looking bike but I was having a good night).

Anyway I thought the ride was to be completely uneventful until I made the turn east on NE 16th (my street) when out of nowhere I saw 3 stray dogs just a few feet away. I think I starteled them as much as they startled me because they just stood there for a second before they started chasing me, barking and growling. Normally of course if I see a mean dog ahead, I would get off my bike and walk past (using the bike as a shield if the dog tries to charge me) but this time there was no time as they about 3 feet behind me, so bam, I just took off and luckily I was able to hold up a good pace long enough to leave them behind.

Anyway all is well. I guess it goes to show that you never know what your ride will be like.