Well as of the end of 2005 my total bicycle milage that I kept track of (starting with Sept. 19) was 620.6 miles. Along with that milage, I got in I think about 10 miles on bike rental in SF, and I did commute to school for about 3 weeks or so in February as well as about 2 weeks in the fall before I started keeping track of my milage (maybe I got in 90 miles? — btw, here’s a picture of my old bike that I rode in February… I’m now convinced that a good part of the reason I didn’t stick with it back then was that my old bike was really way too small for me and badly needed some work done on it.), so I’m going to guess that my total milage for 2005 was around 700 miles.

So starting with 2006, my new year’s resolution of sorts is to ride at least 2400 miles this year. The reason I picked this number is that based on my pace last year (700 miles in about 4 months) I would hit about 2100 miles if I rode all 12 months of the year, so hopefully I can get in some longer rides on the weekends I think I can hit 2400.

Also on another related tangent, here’s the 2005 milage for each bike (I know I’m a big geek, but it’s kinda helpful to keep track of how often I have to fix things based on milage)

555.8-New Schwinn Hybrid

2.8-Old Schwinn (plus about 90 miles not recorded)

8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle

57-Rental bicycle in Portland)

10+ – Rental bicycle in San Francisco