Since I’m kinda turning over a new leaf when it comes to my blogging habits (see these previous blog posts: Revelatory moments and how they will affect this blog and What I’m reading), I thought it was time to go ahead and change out what I have on the sidebars of this page. Most of the old stuff is there, but I’ve kinda changed up the order of it some and tweaked a little bit with what is listed. One biggie that I did change was to condense down the list of GI resisters. I hated doing that but the truth is I just can’t keep up with all of the latest news about these folks (who I strongly believe are some of the most heroic folks in these crazy days) and besides does a much better job of keeping up with these folks.

I will also be adding more links to books soon, with of course the obligatory links (I’ve made a few bucks so far with their affiliate program, but would love to make much more so as to support my insane book buying habits) but also with some short reviews (similiar to what I used to do back in the “good ol’ days” with albums when I was writing for Exitzine — I would do music reviews again except I just don’t keep up with where music is going these days and honestly can’t intelligently talk about it like I used to. I think books I can probbaly handle better.)

Also I’m hoping over time to do more with my photographs. I take a lot of pictures but haven’t put even a fraction of the worthwhile shots on this website because it is so much of a pain to do so. I’ve thought about different plugins and web-based applications to make this job easier but time just hasn’t cooperated.

Lastly, I’m going to be adding some pages soon to give pictures and info on each of my bikes. I know this sounds pretty silly and geeky but oh well. All of my bikes deserve having their stories told. They definitely have had some interesting histories.