I’ve been thinking this morning (the quiet time at my house before everyone starts showing up for church… I live in an old house in a couple of rooms upstairs and the church I am part of meets downstairs), and I think maybe I’ve been too hard on the Rev. Latham (the Baptist pastor from Tulsa who had the situation in the news this week— see my previous post). I think I made a good point about the SBC church and the destructive effects of a theology that condemns gay people, but I feel bad about the way I made the point because I made the point at the expense of this man. I know my little blog doesn’t account to a hill of beans really (more people read the Daily Oklahoman in 1 minute than read my blog all day long), but if I was in his situation I wouldn’t want folks talking about it and certainly not making zingers of points about it when you probably trying to sort out what happened yourself.

So anyway I’m sorry about it. I normally don’t pull posts of this blog except in extreme circumstances (I feel like it is kinda chicken to say things and then pretend that they were never said) but I do want to say what I’ve said. I still believe the points I made our valid, but I just don’ like the way that I made those points.

Also on the subjects of the Baptist church and homosexuality, one of my favorite preachblogs has a really touching short story on the subject that tells the story in a way that is unexpected and genuine: RealLifePreacher: Epiphany