I know I said I was taking something of a sabattical from political blogging but this I got to comment on…

MSNBC: Gitmo upgrades as prison enters 5th year — New building adds comfort, but critics fear center is becoming permanent

. . . Dozens of prisoners have gone on hunger strikes — a sign, according to U.N. officials and rights groups, that some have lost hope.

The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights said up to 200 people went on hunger strike in July, demanding to be put on trial or released. The military said only 52 prisoners were involved in that strike.

As of Tuesday, 42 prisoners were staging hunger strikes, officials said.

Thirty-two of those were being force fed by tube. Hunger strikers have previously alleged that U.S. troops inserted tubes without using anesthesia or sedatives to minimize pain and that tubes were reused without proper sanitation.

Martin said the feeding is “involuntary” but insisted there is no abuse or torture at the prison.

Bull****. Forcing someone to eat is torture.

Personally I think the prisoners are doing the right thing by resisting their illegal and continued incarceration. If I was in their shoes I would continue to strike and if they force feed you then make yourself throw up. Sometimes its better to be dead than to be locked away for ever without having your day in court. Shame on America and shame on the tyrants who are responsible for this travesty.

And beyond all of this, it is wrong that America is still occupying sovreign territory that belongs to Cuba. The only reason that the US has control of Guantanmo Bay is a vestige of the colonial era. I think Cuba should take this to the UN and demand that America quit using stolen territory to torture and illegally imprison terror suspects.