Miles riden today: 7.9 miles (7.9 so far this week)
Total 2006 miles: 68.4
Total mileage per bike: 624-New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8 (plus lots unrecorded) -Old Schwinn MTB; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle

I haven’t been riding for the last few days because I was kinda under the weather (probably a cold) and just didn’t feel like riding. But today I decided that I had been driving too much and that maybe getting on the bike would speed up my feeling better. So anyway I rode over to George’s Hungry Hog BBQ for lunch (pretty close to my house and awfully good… and crazy big portions) and back.

After that I rode to NW 8th & Robinson where they were lining up for the MLK Day parade (actually folks were lining up several of the side streets off of Robinson, but the peace folks that I was marching with were at 8th). Lots of folks were there. Our little group included folks with banners from the Unitarian Church & Church of the Open Arms, as well as a car decorated with banners from the Peace House. There were also folks carrying a “Pray for Peace, Act for Peace” banner, a group with the Anti-War coalition who were carrying anti-war and impeach Bush signs, and then several of us handing out buttons (we gave out 2000 of them… a really neat design that said “Only Light and Love can drive out hate – M.L. King – Join Us”) as well as cards (telling about local peace events as well as information cards from OCCO). Anyway as far as my involvement went, I rode my bike in the parade. I used my cargo basket to tote buttons and other stuff, and had two signs attached to my bike (one that said “Love One Another – Jesus Christ” and another that said “Bicycles for Peace” with information on OKC critical mass). The bike worked really well in the parade and I would definitely recommend it to others. On foot it is a really long parade (about 2-3 miles), but by bike it isn’t bad at all.

Anyway the parade worked its way over the SW corner of downtown and then headed east to Bricktown where it ended at Sheridan & Stiles. The weather was pretty pleasant early on but it got cold and windy towards the end, so I stopped at Deep Deuce Grill to warm up after the parade (they got great Chips & Salsa, and good strong Iced Tea) and then rode on home.

I then got my stuff I needed for my BARBRI class (and put on some warmer clothes) and then rode back downtown for the class. The ride downtown was pretty pleasant (super-easy since I had a good tailwind), but since the weather forecast said it might snow and rain that night (which unfortunately it didn’t happen) I parked my bike on the street near the hotel instead of at the bike racks at the library.

The bike was safe and sound after class and the ride home went ok. The wind was against me, but I just made good, steady and slow progress home. I didn’t mind the slow pace so much though because the moon was gorgeous, big and full.