AlJazeera.net:’Last chance’ for Iraq hostages

CNN: Iraq captors— Last chance for demand

Also here’s the latest that came out by email from Christian Peacemaker Teams:

28 January 2006

CHICAGO/TORONTO: Statement regarding video showing missing Peacemakers alive
in Iraq

[Note: Press conferences will be held today regarding the new video released on Al Jazeera that shows Harmeet Sooden, Norman Kember, Tom Fox and Jim Loney:

Chicago — Water Tower Park, 820 North Michigan Ave., 2:00 P.M. CST

Toronto — 25 Cecil St., 1:00 P.M. EST]

We are so grateful and heartened to see James, Harmeet, Norman and Tom alive on the videotape dated January 21. This news is an answer to our prayers. We continue to hope and pray for their release.

All of us in Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) remain very disturbed by the abduction of our teammates. We pray that those who hold them will host them with the grace that so many of us in CPT have received as guests in Iraq. James, Harmeet, Norman and Tom are peace workers who have not collaborated with the occupation of Iraq and who have worked for justice for all Iraqis,
especially those detained.

We continue to believe that what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. governments in their illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people. We continue to call for justice and human rights for all who are detained in Iraq. The innocent should not suffer in the place of those who have done wrong.

CPT has organized public actions for peace and justice for Iraqi detainees. This weekend major events are scheduled for Washington DC, Toronto and Chicago. See www.cpt.org or http://www.cpt.org/iraq/shinethelight.php for details.

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) has long worked for the rights of Iraqi prisoners who have been illegally detained and abused. We were the first to publicly denounce the torture of Iraqi people at the hands of U.S. forces, long before the western media admitted what was happening at Abu Ghraib. We are among the few internationals left in Iraq working for human rights and peace. We hope that we can continue to do this work and we pray for the speedy release of our beloved teammates.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has been present in Iraq since October 2002, providing first-hand, independent reports from the region, working with detainees of both United States and Iraqi forces, and training others in non-violent intervention and human rights documentation.

Christian Peacemaker Teams sends violence-reduction teams of trained peacemakers to work areas of lethal conflict around the world.

If you are of a spiritual persuasion, please pray for the safe release of the CPT’ers (and one that would not involve the use of violence… the only thing worse than these men being martyered would be if the US military found out where these men were being held and used violence to get them back), and for the safe release of all those being held hostage by all sides in this horrible war.