OKIMC.org: Feminist, Revolutionary, Historian, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to read @Art Exhibit in OKC

For more info on Roxanne go to: RedDirtSite.com. Also if you haven’t read her books before, I highly recommend them. Her work is a compelling telling of her life story in a way that gives new color and meaning to some of the most significant times of recent American hsitory, and as an activist I found her memoirs (3 volumes in all) to be particularly helpful in what one should and should not do in trying to bring about revolutionary change. And as a man, her books helped me to understand in a new way what women’s liberation was really about, and why it is so tragic that the movement was co-opted in the ways that it was. Someday I’ll write more about her, but for now let me just say that you should read her books.

Also be sure and check out Bluemoon on Paseo, the venue that is hosting her and the Red Dirt Rangers for this show.