Oklahoma Travel Guide

Here’s some of the “wisdom” that is in the article…

When the tornado sirens sound the alarm, like they do every year, don’t panic. Follow a local to a “safe place”. It’s nearly always a false alarm, but better safe than sorry.

. . . Oklahoma is known as a great place to live but not to visit. A visitor should not expect the kind of constant activity that one might find in major metropolitan areas. The cost of living is among the lowest in the US and such includes the cost of tourist related activities. Lodging, rental cars, fuel, and restaurants are lower in cost than nearly anywhere else in the US. There are over 50 Indian Gambling Casino in Oklahoma.

. . . Oklahoma City residents are often used as a test market for chain restaurants. Residents eat out more often than do others in the region.

The pages for OKC & Tulsa linked to in the stories are much better than this, but I’m still appalled that the Oklahoma state article is this bad. I’m going to start rewriting as I have time to do so, but I would love to see other folks contribute as well (if you’ve never used a wiki, the beauty of it is that ANYONE can edit and write content for it)