Newsweek/MSNBC: God’s Green Soldiers — A new call to combat global warming triggers soul-searching and controversy among evangelicals.

Washington Post: The Greening of Evangelicals — Christian Right Turns, Sometimes Warily, to Environmentalism

Very interesting news, and I think is a positive development (much in line with the moves of politically active evangelicals to change their stance in recent years on AIDS and poverty issues). It is not really new news (I first found out about the Evangelical Environmental Network back I think in 1999 or 2000 at the Cornerstone Festival) but it does seem like the movement is beginning to really make some headway.

(one side note is that these two articles differ on James Dobson & Focus on the Family’s stance on this movement. The Newsweek article says that he is skeptical if not opposed to it, while the WP story seems to say that Dobson is supportive of it… I don’t have time to try to find statements by Dobson that flesh this out further)

Also, while Mennonites are not really evangelical (well some are and some aren’t, much like the Methodists and Presbyterians are split), here’s a link to the Mennonite Creation Care Network.