NewsOK: Teens getting high on cough syrup focus of legislation

“This is going to become an epidemic, just like meth did,” said Rep. Doug Miller, R-Norman.

I guess the First Amendment would block this, but sometimes I wonder if there should be laws against legislators opening their mouths when they don’t know what they are talking about. Yes, folks abuse Robitussin (you can read about it online) but it won’t ever be a very popular drug since according to the reports you read online, people get really sick off of it before they can get very high.

My main beef with the proposed law is two-fold. First, it punishes law abiding citizens who don’t abuse OTC drugs by making it more of hassle to buy cough medicine.

Secondly, it doesn’t look at the real issue. If the state would decriminalize relatively safe soft drugs, then maybe kids wouldn’t be trying to get high off of cough syrup.

Finally, one must ask when it will stop. Some folks abuse potato chips and other high-fat foods (count me in that group) to the extent that it hurts our health, in fact one could argue that junk food is a DANGEROUS DRUG that should be outlawed! In fact, I suspect far more than 90 people are in Oklahoma hospitals right now because of this DANGEROUS DRUG. Seriously, what is a drug but a substance humans consume to make them feel good or alter their consciousness. I think it’s time to respect the rights of adults to make their own decisions (and to educate young people on how to make those decisions when they get older). These stupid laws are not the answer.